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The court decisions available on this website interpret and apply the New York Convention. These court decisions are in most cases published in the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration since its Volume I (1976). 

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The court decisions available on this website interpret and apply the New York Convention.

  1. Most decisions are reported in the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, published by ICCA since 1976, and are numbered as in the Yearbook (e.g., US no. 954).

  2. Other decisions are indicated by country, date, and a short name (e.g., UK 18 June 2020 Alexander Brothers).

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    The High Court granted enforcement of an award rendered in London, holding that it could recognize and enforce an English award under the New York Convention; that, on the facts on record, the defendant had been duly informed of the arbitration and that the arbitration had been in accordance with the agreement of the parties. Also, the defendant had failed to raise these objections before the sole arbitrator.

    High Court, Lagos, 27 June 2016, FHC/L/CS/1886/2015

    (Augusta Offshore s.p.a. v. Seabulk Offshore Operators Nigeria Limited)


    The court discusses the determination and relevance of the place where the award was made (in a foreign State or another contracting State.

    Award made in the territory of another (Contracting) State (paragraphs 1 and 3 - first or "reciprocity" reservation)

    Due process: The court discusses what constitutes “proper notice” of the appointment of the arbitrators or of the arbitration proceedings.

    "Proper notice"
    513 Ground d: Irregularity in the composition of the arbitral tribunal or arbitral procedure
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    Nigeria 3. Sundersons Limited et al. v. Cruiser Shipping Pte Limited et al., Court of Appeal, Lagos Judicial Division, 7 February 2014


    The court discusses how to determine whether the document supplied is an award capable of being recognized and enforced, including whether the award is duly authenticated, and whether a copy is duly certified; whether a prior interim and/or partial award should be supplied together with the final award.

    Original or copy arbitral award

    The court discusses issues relating to the requirement to supply the original arbitration agreement or a copy thereof to prove the prima facie validity of the arbitration agreement, as well as the application of more favorable municipal laws that do not provide for this requirement.

    Original or copy arbitration agreement

    The court discusses issues relating to the moment when the documents that are required for seeking recognition and enforcement must be supplied, and whether any defect can be cured later in the enforcement proceeding.

    "At the time of application"
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    Nigeria 2. Agro-Allied Development Ent. Limited v. United Shipping Trading Co. Inc, Court of Appeal, Lagos Judicial Division, Suit No: CA/L/159/05, 23 July 2010


    The court discusses questions relating to interest on the amount due under the arbitral award, including whether the enforcement court may grant interest not granted in the award, modify interest granted in the award, and grant post-award interest.

    Interest on award

    Public policy: The court discusses the meaning of (international as compared to domestic) public policy, generally defined as the basic notions of morality and justice of the enforcement State.

    Paragraph 2 - Distinction domestic-international public policy

    Public policy: The court discusses the effect of other alleged violations of public policy on the recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award, such as contradictory reasons, manifest disregard of the law (US), etc.

    Other cases
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    Nigeria 1. Supreme Court, 11 December 1974


    The court discusses whether the Convention may be applied retroactively and, if so, as of when: e.g., with the conclusion of the arbitration agreement, the commencement of arbitration, the rendition of the award.


    The court discusses aspects relating to the implementation of the Convention in a Contracting State: the self-executing nature of the Convention v. the requirement of implementing legislation; the lack of implementing legislation; legislation that diverges from the text of the Convention or is defective under national law. Also, the domestic requirement that a State be included in an official list (“gazetted”) to ascertain reciprocity.

    Implementing legislation

    The court discusses the applicable period of limitation for seeking enforcement of an award.

    Period of limitation for enforcement