08 - 10 - 2002


Yearbook Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, A.J. van den Berg (ed.), Vol. XXXII (2007)
Jurisdiction Spain

Spain 54. Tribunal Supremo, Civil Chamber, 8 October 2002

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The court discusses the determination and relevance of the place where the award was made (in a foreign State or another contracting State.

Award made in the territory of another (Contracting) State (paragraphs 1 and 3 - first or "reciprocity" reservation)

The court discusses the conditions under which a party may be estopped from raising a ground for refusal of enforcement under the Convention or has waived the right to raise it.


The court discusses the general conditions the Convention imposes on a petitioner for seeking recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award – namely, the submission of the original arbitration agreement or arbitral award or a certified copy thereof – and examines in general whether these conditions were complied in the case at issue.

Conditions to be fulfilled by petitioner in general

The court discusses how to determine whether the document supplied is an award capable of being recognized and enforced, including whether the award is duly authenticated, and whether a copy is duly certified; whether a prior interim and/or partial award should be supplied together with the final award.

Original or copy arbitral award

The court discusses issues relating to the requirement to supply the original arbitration agreement or a copy thereof to prove the prima facie validity of the arbitration agreement, as well as the application of more favorable municipal laws that do not provide for this requirement.

Original or copy arbitration agreement

The court discusses the principle that the merits of the award may not be reviewed and that the court may only carry out a limited review of the award to ascertain grounds for refusal.

No re-examination of the merits of the arbitral award

The court discusses the burden of proof of the grounds for refusing enforcement under the Convention.

Burden of proof on respondent
508 Ground b: Violation of due process in general
513 Ground d: Irregularity in the composition of the arbitral tribunal or arbitral procedure

Public policy: The court discusses cases in which the subject matter of the award was not arbitrable in the enforcement State on public policy grounds.

Ground a: Arbitrability
703(A) Multilateral treaties

More-favorable right provision: The court discusses the application of the 1961 European Convention together with the New York Convention, and the relationship between the two treaties.

European Convention of 1961
704(C) Art. VII(1): European Union (Treaties and Legislation)